Environment, WASH, and Health

DIG applies an integrated approach to supporting a clean environment; promoting good water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services and practices; and improving the health of poor communities around the world. To promote a clean environment for the poor living in urban and peri-urban communities, DIG’s focus is on basic service delivery, solid waste management, reducing plastics in the environment, and WASH.

WASH is a critical component. DIG works with communities, WASH utilities, small service providers, and governments (municipal, county, and national) to improve WASH at all levels. This includes WASH service delivery, capacity building of utilities and other WASH service providers, stakeholder engagement in decision-making to ensure the longevity of WASH investments, and promoting gender mainstreaming in the WASH sector.

By focusing on some of the pillars of good health – clean water, reliable sanitation, and solid waste / ocean plastics management – we can improve the health status of entire communities. Our innovative programming helps poor families and communities around the world to live more healthy, vibrant lives.

Areas Of Expertise

Key Projects