Solid Waste / Ocean Plastics Management

DIG improves municipal solid waste management (SWM) systems by identifying weaknesses and gaps, and building the capacity of local governments, service providers, and households to address them. DIG helps local governments to develop and implement environmentally friendly SWM plans and policies; to collaborate with the private sector on service delivery; and to comply with national SWM regulations. In addition, we assist informal waste collectors with formalizing their operations; improving their business performance and service delivery; and integrating SWM systems by securing contracts with city governments, among other means. DIG also supports outreach to households to educate them on separating waste to facilitate recycling and on the proper disposal of waste. Finally, DIG has advised USAID and other donors on their SWM investment portfolios. DIG’s SWM programs include MWRP, GPIMG, the Urban Advisory Program, and Urbis