Gender Mainstreaming in the WASH Sector

DIG promotes gender mainstreaming in the WASH sector by building the capacity of service providers to adopt institutional gender policies and to provide a more equitable delivery of services. DIG works with a range of service providers from small, informal operators to large government-owned and private utilities. DIG’s extensive support to these organizations includes designing and rolling out gender analyses and gender-sensitive market surveys; tailoring DIG’s gender-mainstreaming tool for water service providers to enable them to formulate institutional gender policies; developing toolkits to advise utilities and governments to adopt gender-inclusive practices; promoting the employment and advancement of women within the organizations; carrying out gender-sensitive community outreach and education; and developing gender monitoring and evaluation targets.

Relevant examples of DIG’s Gender Mainstreaming in the WASH Sector include SUWASA Kenya I & II, KIWASHWCP, and MWRP.