Innovative WASH Sector Financing

One of the key challenges facing all WASH service providers is financing for new infrastructure investments, particularly those serving the poor.  DIG’s work is focused on the intersection between WASH service delivery, commercial financing, and subsidies.  Resilient water infrastructure requires large, long-term investments. DIG supports utilities and small service providers to establish demand and capacity to pay for WASH services among poor communities, identify WASH infrastructure investments that will serve poor communities, and develop business plans to determine the financing needs and the return on each identified investment.  Dovetailing this process, DIG also works with banks to develop cash-flow based loan products tailored to serve the WASH sector.  Finally, DIG helps utilities and service providers to identify subsidies provided by governments and multi-lateral institutions that can buttress any commercial financing for WASH.  DIG’s work in this arena has been one of our key successes in establishing long-term sustainability and self-reliance that has been proven well beyond the life of our programming. 

Relevant examples of DIG’s Innovative WASH Sector Financing include SUWASA Kenya I & II, KIWASHWCP, and Urbis.