WASH Coordination Project (WCP)

The WASH Coordination Project (WCP) is a two-year, USAID-funded initiative, targeting urban challenges in the Nigerian States of Kaduna and Bauchi, where water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) service gaps remain acute and where government officials have demonstrated a firm commitment to sector improvements. Funded under the Making Cities Work IDIQ, the Project focuses on improving WASH programming, sustaining the momentum established under the USAID/Nigeria Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA) activity, and providing support to new reform-minded Kaduna and Bauchi governments. The WCP Team is conducting baseline surveys and frameworks for improvement, providing capacity building support, and creating a community of practice, among other activities, to successfully target their focus areas and mitigate urban WASH challenges in Kaduna and Bauchi. Through the WCP, DIG hopes to sustain current WASH initiatives until full programs are in place. (2016-2018)

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