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Contract Mechanisms

The Development Innovations Group (DIG) is committed to providing quality services to the U.S. Government, missions and host government entities. DIG, a small business, can be funded under various government mechanisms, including indefinite quantity contracts (IQCs), Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts, other types of contracts, and cooperative agreements.

Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ

Donor:United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Prime Contractor: Development Innovations Group

Duration: 2014-2019

Ceiling Amount: $650,000,000

Scope of Work: The Making Cities Work (MCW) IDIQ (formerly known as HABITAT IDIQ) responds to USAID’s global vision of providing technical services, training, and capacity-building for the purpose of improving urban and local governance. HABITAT will work across five focus areas: 1) improving public service delivery with an emphasis on transportation, water, and sanitation; 2) improving government autonomy, transparency, responsiveness, and accountability; 3) enhancing the ability of urban and local governments to adapt to climate change and improve environmental management practices; 4) improving urban and local governance disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; and 5) improving governmental finance, creditworthiness, and borrowing capabilities. DIG serves as the prime contractor on this global facility.

Consortium Partners: DAI; DevTech Systems; The Earth Institute, Columbia University; Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; International Housing Coalition; IOS Partners; LimnoTech; NUMARK Associates; PricewaterhouseCoopers; The QED Group; and Spatial Development International.

Contacts: For more information regarding this contract vehicle, please contact Marianne Carliez, MCW IDIQ Manager, at mcarliez@developinnovations.com; Franck Daphnis, President/CEO, at fdaphnis@developinnovations.com.

Water and Development IDIQ (WADI)

Donor:United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Prime Contractor: Development Alternatives, Inc. (DAI)

Duration: 2015-2021

Ceiling Amount: $1,000,000,000

Scope of Work: The Water and Development IDIQ (WADI) will support USAID missions, bureaus, and other operating units in implementing USAID’s Water and Development Strategy. Task orders implemented through this IDIQ will reflect the Agency’s strategic direction in the water sector, including improving health outcomes through the provision of sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene and managing agricultural water sustainably and more productively to enhance food security.

Contacts: For more information regarding this contract vehicle, please contact Marianne Carliez, WADI IDIQ Manager, at mcarliez@developinnovations.com.

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