Land Tenure Security

DIG has been improving land tenure security for low-income and marginalized populations for more than a decade. To help these populations access and own land, DIG collaborates with informal communities, civil society organizations, local and national governments, and private sector entities, including financial institutions. An important aspect of our work involves supporting informal settlers by informing them of their land rights, helping them organize to better represent their interests, building their capacity to negotiate with government officials to protect their rights, and facilitating their access to financing to improve tenure security.

DIG’s land tenure security initiatives include the Accountable Democratic Action through Social Cohesion (ADA) Program, the Global Program for Inclusive Municipal Governance (GPIMG), and ECAP II. Importantly, USAID can engage DIG on land tenure security projects through the Strengthening Tenure and Resource Rights (STARR) II IDIQ vehicle as DIG is a small business holder of this IDIQ.