Identifying and Structuring Investment Opportunities

Donors and banks seeking to maximize their impact and outreach in developing countries have contracted DIG to identify and structure investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including environmental management, urban development, and post-disaster reconstruction. With funding from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (formerly known as USAID’s Development Credit Authority), DIG has identified and vetted private investment opportunities in waste management and pollution control (Municipal Waste Recycling Program) and in post-disaster reconstruction (Rebati Fund). We have created investment blueprints for the Gates Foundation in municipal finance (Dakar Municipal Finance Program), basic service delivery (Urban Advisory Program and Strategic Support for Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Investments, Ethiopia), housing (Housing Finance for the Poor), and youth engagement (Youth Investment Strategy for MENA). Banks have also turned to DIG’s development finance experts to identify new investment opportunities and help them start up their microfinance operations (Tameer Microfinance Bank Start-up).