Fund Management Expertise

Capacity Building for Fund Management

We work with partners to build capacity for better management of operational, programmatic, financial, and organizational systems. This professional growth training empowers individuals, organizations, and communities.

Due Diligence Assessments

DIG works with financial institutions to ensure that potential investment opportunities meet acceptable standards of creditworthiness, future compliance with funders’ rules and regulations, and local regulatory suitability.  We help our clients review audits, internal controls, management and technical competence, and market viability of potential investments.  We can conduct due diligence assessments either on our own …

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Identifying and Structuring Investment Opportunities

Donors and banks seeking to maximize their impact and outreach in developing countries have contracted DIG to identify and structure investment opportunities in a variety of sectors, including environmental management, urban development, and post-disaster reconstruction. With funding from the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (formerly known as USAID’s Development Credit Authority), DIG has identified and …

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Management of Fund TA Facilities

Technical Assistance Facilities serve as a natural outgrowth of other financial services we offer. Management of the funds and technical training help our partners deliver high-quality results for their clients.

Management of Equity and Debt Funds

Since 2012, DIG has an established Fund Management practice, with services including fund design, financial analysis, monitoring of loan portfolios, and management of debt and equity investments. To carry out this work, DIG leverages investments from multilateral development institutions, foundations, government agencies, and socially minded investors to design and manage funds that support viable development …

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