Housing Finance

Housing Microfinance

Key services DIG offers in the field of housing microfinance include: market assess­ments; product design; systems and tools development training; design of guarantee facilities; and advising regu­lators and policy makers.

Micro-Mortgage Finance

As capital markets in developing countries grow, the demand for mortgages is increasing. DIG works with governments, regulatory authori­ties and the financial sector to build their capacities to meet this demand, and to determine the feasibility of mortgage finance systems for the poor.

Policy & Regulatory Environment

The vast majority of the world’s poor still have little access to housing finance and their nations’ policy and regulatory environments do little to correct this situation. DIG applies best practices and provides governments and regulators with technical assistance to foster more enabling financial sector environments throughout the world.

Economic Recovery

Housing finance can be an effective tool for economic recovery in post-emergency contexts because housing construction stimulates the economy beyond the sector, generating employment and the purchase of goods and materials. DIG works in post-disaster and post-conflict settings to provide the poor with access to credit, thereby alleviating the severity of their circumstances.