Financial Inclusion and Economic Growth Expertise


Market Assessment Microfinance market assessments precede the product design phase and shed important light on: the nature of existing financial ser­vices, potential demand for finan­cial products, the market size, and the repayment capacity of poten­tial clientele. Product Design Designing a microfi­nance product properly from the outset may be the most critical step in the startup …

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Housing Finance

Housing Microfinance Key services DIG offers in the field of housing microfinance include: market assess­ments; product design; systems and tools development training; design of guarantee facilities; and advising regu­lators and policy makers. Micro-Mortgage Finance As capital markets in developing countries grow, the demand for mortgages is increasing. DIG works with governments, regulatory authori­ties and the …

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Small Medium Enterprise Support (SME)

Fostering SME growth is integral to DIG’s work around the world. DIG helps SMEs to formalize and improve their operations, to access capital, and to expand their market outreach through targeted training and technical assistance. As a result of DIG’s support, SMEs have been able to improve their productivity and revenues over the long term. …

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Commercial Financing Linkages

DIG has been increasing the competitiveness of businesses and utilities by enabling them to access commercial financing, enhancing their productivity, and expanding their markets. Notably, DIG has assisted in securing significant financing for small businesses and WASH utilities under MWRP, KIWASH, and SUWASA.

Municipal Finance

DIG is helping municipal governments work with community-based organizations (CBOs) to formulate and implement innovative, replicable programs to address market failures and better channel resources to the poor. By fostering local government-civil society partnerships, DIG enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of city funds used to tackle urban poverty.

Policy and Regulatory Environment

We conduct financial sector studies and policy diagnostics, with a focus on financial regulation of the microfinance and housing sectors, consumer protection, and anti-money laundering, and combating the financing of terrorism.   


Slum dwellers worldwide require financing options beyond traditional banking or even what microfinance can provide. Metafinance provides a broader range of services for families seeking solutions to meet community priorities. DIG has experience pooling individual loans for communal benefit. We also have offered post-emergency reconstruction of community infrastructure as a Metafinance opportunity. Contact us for …

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We strive to always integrate AML/CFT ((Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism) best practices in our programs. We can also perform audits, assessments, and AML/CFT-specific programming as needed. Contact us for more information.

Micro Mortgages

As the capital markets in developing countries grow, the demand for mortgages is increasing. DIG works with governments, regulatory authori­ties and the financial sector to build their capacities to meet this demand, and to determine the feasibility of mortgage finance systems for the poor.