Urban Disaster Relief, Recovery, Response, and Preparedness

The world’s population is urbanizing, with about half of the globe living in urban centers. Meanwhile, extreme natural hazards are also increasing. DIG teams in the field and at HQ are uniquely positioned to work alongside local and national governments and the private sector during moments requiring emergency response.  DIG’s assistance includes shelter and settlement reconstruction and planning, capacity building of ministries and municipalities, basic service delivery, urban/community planning and management, land use and tenure planning, disaster management, shelter and settlement policy support, and the resettlement and integration of internally displaced persons (IDPs).  DIG does this by leveraging the Diaspora and international experts to support relevant ministries, to build the capacity of national and local agencies, to provide support to USAID / OFDA grantees, and to formulate local policy in support of critical government and business functions following a natural or man-made disaster. 

Relevant Urban Disaster Management programs include ECAP, Rebati, and HFP.