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Social Scientist/Cultural Anthropologist - ACES
Friday, September 21, 2018

The Development Innovations Group (DIG) is seeking experts interested in long- and short-term positions for projects under the Active Communities Effective States (ACES) IDIQ, which will provide technical services for USAID’s Democracy, Human Rights and Governance.

The objective of this Indefinite Date Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract is to provide Technical assistance and advisory services, training, and direct program implementation to support host country good governance, transparency and accountability by applying Democracy, Rights and Governance principles and practices. To accomplish this, the ACES IDIQ activity’s will be structured around the following technical areas: 1) Good Governance and Anti-Corruption; 2) Strengthening the Legislative Function/Legal Framework; 3) Decentralization and Local Governance; 4) Rule of Law and Security Sector Reform; and 5) Strengthening Oversight Mechanisms.

DIG is seeking mid- and senior-level experts. Prior USAID experience and experience working overseas with country counterparts and institutions is highly desirable. Individuals with significant relevant experience working on similar donor-funded international development projects are also encouraged to apply.

The Social Scientist/Anthropologist will determine the proper cultural context in designing and managing DRG projects in developing countries. As such, this person will:

  • Study and research the link between society and human behavior in countries of the developing world;
  • Conduct field studies of culture and designing and leading research projects, including both long and short-term projects in cultures typical to the countries in which USAID works;
  • Formulate research questions and provide analysis of collected information in the developing world context;
  • Plan and design highly complex research projects to provide a framework for collection and analysis of data relevant to measuring impact on the kinds of activities described in Section C;
  • Direct and participate in qualitative and quantitative data collection methodologies to include direct observation, visual ethnography, key leader engagement, participant observation, dept interviewing, group or focus group interviewing, surveying, secondary source research, and mixed method approaches for the kinds of activities described in Section C;
  • Provide input on public opinion surveys and focus groups.


Interested candidates indicate the position for which they are applying, and should submit a brief cover letter, CV, salary history, and three references to  info@developinnovations.com  . Shortlisted candidates will be contacted. DIG is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
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