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DIG Wins USAID “Helping Access Basic Infrastructure Technical Assistance and Training (HABITAT)” IDIQ
Tuesday, October 21, 2014


DIG Wins USAID “Helping Access Basic Infrastructure Technical Assistance and Training (HABITAT)” IDIQ


DIG is excited to announce that it has been awarded a prime contract under USAID’s “Helping Access Basic Infrastructure Technical Assistance and Training (HABITAT)” IDIQ, small-business set aside. This five-year contract vehicle has a funding ceiling of $650,000,000, and responds to USAID’s global vision of providing technical services, training, and capacity-building for the purpose of improving urban and local governance. HABITAT will work across five focus areas: 1) improving public service delivery with an emphasis on transportation, water, and sanitation; 2) improving government autonomy, transparency, responsiveness, and accountability; 3) enhancing the ability of urban and local governments to adapt to climate change and improve environmental management practices; 4) improving urban and local governance disaster preparedness, response, and recovery; and 5) improving governmental finance, creditworthiness, and borrowing capabilities.


DIG is proud to pursue this IDIQ with our twelve consortium partners: CEEPCO Contracting; DAI; DevTech Systems; The Earth Institute, Columbia University; Institute for Transportation and Development Policy; International Housing Coalition; IOS Partners; LimnoTech; NUMARK Associates; PricewaterhouseCoopers; The QED Group; and Spatial Development International.


For more information regarding this IDIQ, please contact Marianne Carliez, DIG’s HABITAT IDIQ Manager, at  mcarliez@developinnovations.com; Franck Daphnis, President/CEO, at fdaphnis@developinnovations.com; or Delila Khaled, Executive Vice President, at dkhaled@developinnovations.com.



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